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Image of the word 'legislation' written in bold, official-looking font, indicating the importance and seriousness of the laws and regulations being discussed and passed

Governance: Legislation

Legislation governs personas and man-made entities

It is there to govern the behaviour of individuals (natural persons) and organisations, corporations, trusts etc (artificial persons) in a society

Principle of law: A person is a man considered with reference to a certain status

We have the inherent ability to govern ourselves, guided by intuition and reason, we very much see this on a daily basis but legislation has such a strong impact on people's lives because we choose to act as members of the Legal society known as the U.K 

"Resident in the U.K" - resident is synonymous with member

If we do not agree with how society is functioning, we can stop acting as/through any personas or man-made entities unless it benefits us to do so.

For example, we have the inherent right to travel yet people believe they need permission (a license) to do so when in reality people ignorantly act as the persona driver which is rightfully governed by Legislation. Not the fault of the Government, we choose to act in that role/capacity. 

The treatment we receive is a result of our conduct.

If we neglect reality and ourselves then we are opening ourselves up for others to perceive who we are. We now are directed by matters of the world/mind rather than the spirit. 

Know yourself, live and exercise your truth

After all, everything within UK society is all a big act, it is not reality, it is just a reflection of our desires, it is of the mind, ego, man-made.

Principle of Law: Legality is not Reality

We should not be crippled by Legal society but use it as a tool to benefit us, UK as a political state is there to benefit the people, we just have not been taught how to navigate it effectively.

Stay informed, be proactive in protecting your rights and interests.