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Currently in Development - View this page for updates

Currently in Development - View this page for updates ⋆


A captivating board game that offers am immersive journey into the dynamic realms of the private and public sectors. Set out to conquer the board as you navigate through the intricate landscapeof finance, law and commerce. With strategic gameplay, negotiation opportunites, and unpredicatble twists at every turn, it is more than just a game - its an educational experience that challenges players to master the art of descision making while accumulating wealth and properties.

The Importance of Learning & Applying the Law

Providing an unique opportunity for players to understand and navigate lawful & legal principles within the context of a thrilling board game adventure.

Game Highlights / Key Features

  • Educational

    Providing a hands-on learning experience about private and public sectors, making it ideal for players seeking both entertainment and enlightenment.

  • Strategic Decision- Making

    Players must strategise their moves carefully, balancing risks and rewards as they navigate through different sectors and scenarios.

  • Interactive Mechanics

    With negotiation opportunities, special cards and unique tokens, P**** keeps players engaged and encourages dynamic interactions throughout the game.

  • Replayability

    With multiple paths to voctory and unpredictable outcomes, P***** promises endless replayability and excitement for players of all skill levels.

  • Family-Friendly Fun

    P***** fosters friendly competition and encourages social interaction, making it perfect for game night and gatherings.