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Half Truths

The government tells us half-truths which correspond with their subjective reality.

They will not tell us objective truths as this will collapse the illusion and weaken their authority, it is not in their best interest

This is why when words are defined legally they are usually generalised, this is all part of the illusion

For example:


Subjective: A driver is someone who drives a vehicle

Objective: A driver is one who is employed to operate a vehicle

Natural person:

Subjective: A (natural) person is an individual human being

Objective: A natural person is a human being acting under the laws of a particular jurisdiction * 


The whole truth is not being expressed to gain a complete understanding.


* e.g. Legislation (United Kingdom), ByLaws (Secret Societies/Private Associations)

Questions to consider:

What is Law?

How is the Law established?

What different variations of Law are there?