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Acting within the government realm of authority complaining about something they are going to do or has been done, considering you have accepted they have authority over you, they are confident in knowing the people aren’t actually going to do anything to truly disrupt the current state of affairs, the majority will continue to act as legal (commercial) lab rats.

You are deemed as a ‘big baby’,(ward of the state) who just needs to be settled, “rubs on the back” and “taps on the bum”, white lies to appease people’s frustrations and half-truths to ensure the people are only informed enough to passively comply, to manage the tantrums in order to proceed with what they deem best, whether you like it or not, you are not the one in charge (of your life) if you were government will never dare to tempt fate and claim protesting is illegal or the many other disrespectful acts they have done.

They (employees) know that the people as a whole (employers) have no backbone and have become very comfortable knowing this.

  • They will continue to take days off, even when not reasonable to do so.
  • They will continue to pay themselves high wages and bonuses at the expense of the employer.
  • They will continue to not reach their required targets, with no or minimum repercussions.

Governments do what is in their best interest, resulting in people feeling like a joke, just for the majority of people to complain again and repeat the cycle.

Act as the child, you get treated like a child all while they act as your guardian, simply because the people can’t act accordingly.

Anything government declares will not affect you if you were willing to act accordingly because why would you need to protest if you don’t grant someone authority over you to make the wrong decisions in the first place?

Rights (Power & Responsibility) v.s Benefits & Privileges (Comfort & Security)