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Self-sufficiency over government dependency.

The issue at hand is that people have become too reliant on government to provide solutions for them. This way of thinking keeps individuals trapped within the constraints set by government and hinders their ability to think for themselves. When government does not respond in the way the people want, they resort to complaining and protesting, which is just another form of begging and a sign of desperation. This state of being is advantageous for government, as it allows them to manipulate and abuse their position.

The solution to this is for people to learn to see government as a tool to achieve their wishes, rather than a savior. By doing so, individuals will not have the problem of being dependent on government for their salvation. The truth is, people have everything they need to help themselves, they are just enslaved mentally and spiritually, resulting in their restrictive way of living.

For example, let's consider NHS workers who are being misrepresented. A solution for them would be for them to come together in small or large groups and pool together their skills. By creating a charity, this can be a means to receive donations or paid membership. The charity can have a subsidiary which provides the services. Some services will have to be paid for, whereas others will be free, funded by the charity.

Just like car insurance, you don't always make a claim, but when you do, there's a pool of money available to cover you. This pool of money was not contributed to by one person alone, it was done by a collective, just like membership and donations can be used. NHS isn't free, it is funded by the people (taxpayers), so essentially it is the people who own the NHS, government is just a tool to maintain its existence. Government doesn't actually own anything, anything controlled by government belongs to the people, even the land. They just don't want you to have this clear realization.

It should be noted that when NHS is privatized, where will that money go? Where is the transparency? By forming a charity, the money can be redistributed by way of the charity and paying wages. There can be transparency via the charity, depending on its setup and ethos. The charity can continue to provide free services for those in need and also expand further (research, equipment, property etc). Just like the NHS we have today, yet we are told it is a free service, the reality is that it's not completely free and profits have to be made to sustain itself, taxes fund the NHS to alleviate this pressure but just like the people are funding government to do a job, this can be achieved by the people directly. Therefore, what purpose is the government today apart from providing a false sense of security and comfort? Government clearly aren't representing the people honorably.

Now obviously this is just a very brief example of what can happen whether this can work or not, I haven't looked thoroughly at the prospect. 

People should stop relying on government and take responsibility for their lives. By doing so, they can achieve greater transparency and accountability, and also achieve their goals. Remember, if there is a will, there's a way.