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Which Do You Choose?

Intellawtual - Which do you choose?

Comfort and Security

A route which highlights your unwillingness to experience risk, settling for a life which is not entirely directed by yourself but potentially by another, being set up to be manipulated, encouraging stagnation, and wrapping yourself in a safety blanket which can be taken away from you at any given time.

You may think you can create a secure environment but as long as you have control or the need to protect something there will always be an awe of risk and obligation involved.

Power and Responsibility

The route to having full influence of your life, even if the required means to achieve a specific goal is not yet achieved, there is the freedom to level up over time, accepting risk is a part of a progressive life, not being limited to accept what is on offer but able to see beyond, reaching out for a more desirable outcome, taking full accountability, learning from mistakes and not allowing yourself to be manipulated by others, even so, you have the means to elevate yourself, never settling.

Those willing to exercise their rights.

If you truly want to be on the path of living your best life (freedom), outside the scope of falsehoods and manipulation you must be willing to take on the required risk involved. When you do engage in power and responsibility you eventually gain the comfort and security that you seek, the difference is that it is conducted by yourself rather than the uncertainty of it coming from something or someone else, you can’t truly claim comfort & security before doing what is required.

Your true comfort and security is a result of you exercising your power and taking responsibility but one should not settle in this state.

Reward Factor

As the saying goes you are given a wage/salary to forget your dreams…

Just like how you are granted limited liability (comfort & security) from the government to forget your rights (power & responsibility)

In business the more risk and responsibility someone is willing to take, the higher the reward, it is the same with your rights the more risk and responsibility you are willing to endure the greater the reward but it won’t be limited to a financial reward, you will gain mentally, physically and spiritually.

You can’t want change and complain about what is happening around you or directly to you without you stepping up and taking full control of your life (power), you can’t claim the government is corrupt and then choose to settle for their prescribed means of comfort and security because you then are aligning yourself with accepting their corruption, you may think otherwise but what is really going to change if you don’t change your pattern of behaviour in order to regain the influence to stop the corruption, it is your conduct or lack of conduct which is allowing the corruption to continue.

(You are not influencing anything of substance when you protest, you are just operating within a box controlled and presented to you by the government, there is no true power in protesting). In essence, people have exchanged their rights (power & responsibility) for bribes from the government (benefits and privileges) in order to remain passive.

Too many have accepted the trap of comfort and security, fearful of going against the grain.